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At Drain Cleaning, TX, we specialize in finding and fixing water leaks. Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge methods to locate leaks promptly. If water leaks go unreported, they can cause significant harm to your property's framework as well as potential health hazards.

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Water Leak Detection Services

Water leaks must be found quickly to reduce the chance of the growth of mold and mildew, minimize property damage, and save money on energy costs. Whether a water leak has been concealed in a foundation, beneath flooring, or behind walls, our skilled specialists at Drainage Clean Texas, can locate it precisely using cutting-edge tools and procedures. By using non-invasive techniques like acoustic leak detection and infrared thermography, we can find leaks without causing undue damage to your valuables. To save you money and time by responding quickly to water intrusion, Drain Cleaning, TX, assures that any issues will be fixed before they get worse.

Water Pump Leak

Well, sump and booster pumps are just a few of the plumbing systems that depend heavily on pumps to circulate water. Multiple issues, such as decreased water pressure, higher electricity costs, and possibly even damage to the pump itself, can result from a leaky water pump. Water heater leaks can be quickly located and fixed by experienced technicians at Drain Cleaning, TX. We use a thorough diagnosis procedure, looking for obvious leakage indicators like puddles or stains on the pump. To determine the precise location and origin of the leak—whether it is the result of a faulty gasket, a cracked pump housing, or a damaged seal—our team also employs sophisticated instruments and pressure testing.


How To Find A Water Leak

By conducting a visual examination, a source of water damage can be located effectively. Look for clues like areas of moist soil in your yard, mysterious puddles, or watermarks on your walls or ceiling. Hydrocarbon costs that suddenly rise could potentially be a sign of a concealed leak. Another strategy is to keep an eye on your water meter. Check the water meter and shut off all of the water sources in your house. If the water usage is still being written down, there might be a hidden leak. Advanced instruments like acoustic leak detection are used by Drainage Cleaning, TX, to determine the exact position. This technique entails listening to the sound of water escaping from pipes using sensitive microphones.

Water Leak Detector

Consider making an investment in a water leak detector from Drainage Cleaning, TX, for a technologically advanced, proactive solution. These gadgets are intended to alert households to potential water leaks in advance, preventing expensive damage and repairs. A variety of technologies, including sensors, sirens, and smartphone connectivity, are used by water leak detectors. While some detectors are meant to monitor the entire house, others are installed close to appliances, water heaters, or other leaky locations. The device notifies homeowners when a leak is found, enabling them to act quickly. Even the water supply might be automatically turned off by smart water leak detectors.

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